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Efforts such as relieving from single-product economy, creating diversity in exported items and, particularly, expanding the exportation of the industrial products are the necessities of the third world countries. Based on the diversification of the foreign exchange earnings and continuous increase in the nonpetroleum export-share, not only the position of the country in non-oil exports can be fortified but also the stance of oil exports and sales can be strengthen; and, in the mean time, the country can achieve strategic significance in its economy through developing its exports.
Jahan Tormoz Company, in Kashan, adopting an approach towards global markets and in line with playing a small part in developing our dear country’s non-oil exports has always had a special look at the exportation of its products. Manufacturing of the high quality products featuring competitive prices in the global arena and concentrating on the Middle East region, in the first place, and the development of target marketplaces worldwide are among the export concerns of this company’s system. 
Jahan Tormoz-e-Kashan Company has commenced its export activity since 2005 and it has exported its products so far to the countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Cameroon, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, United Arab of Emirates, Azerbaijan, Syria, Jordan, Oman,  Libya, Pakistan and Ukraine. This company has succeeded in introducing itself as “the best brake lining exporter in Iran” since 2009 and this is an outstanding honor for the Company that is always thinking globally.