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Superior manufacturing machinery and technology

  • Superior manufacturing machinery and technology and advanced laboratory equipment


Jahan Tormoz industrial group takes advantage of the most modern and most advanced machinery and manufacturing equipment and it applies technologies originated in Germany and Canada to make distinct its products from the other suppliers worldwide. Also, this industrial group possesses one of the most advanced and fully equipped test laboratories for examining the various types of brake linings, clutch facing and raw material applied in this industry in Iran. The products manufactured in this industry undergo various static and dynamic experiments post manufacturing and after passing the related tests a second field experiment is implemented on the products under various climatic and road conditions. It is only after being subjected to such tests and field examinations that the manufactured products are granted the permission to enter the market. 

We are so proud to announce that the company has succeeded in manufacturing machinery, different kinds of brake lining through employing technicians and engineers along with its purchase of advanced machinery and equipment. It is worth mentioning that the production output of these machineries is at least four times their similar foreign counterparts and this is unprecedented for its type.